Date added: 07/13/2017 Delivery & Tent Crew Leaders

We are building a team of talented individuals to lead our delivery crews in the Dayton region.  It’s about finding not only the best talent, but the right person!  Culture is pivotal and being a part of a great company offering a genuine culture makes joining our team a winning move!  We want to enhance our brand with and through our people.  Prime Time Party Rental is more than a rental company, its family!  Come join us!

Our team is committed to continuing to grow something very special.  We listen to the customer.  We take the time to truly understand our customer needs so we can put them in the right product.  We CARE.  We thrive on what we do best, help our customers have memorable events.

Position Tasks & Activities (both positions):

·       Oversees and assists with the loading and unloading of equipment.

·       Prep equipment, if necessary, prior to loading.

·       Deliver and pick up equipment.

·       Maintain accurate delivery and pickup records.

·       Supervise the proper and safe installation and removal of rented accessories.

·       Report to Delivery Manager completion of job and any necessary repairs.

·       Secure customer signature on contract, if not already signed.

·       Inform Delivery Manager of difficulties with deliveries or pickups and add notes to contract..

·       Know specifics and applications of rental inventory, so you can answer questions upon delivery.

·       Maintain and comply with company procedures and policies.

·       While driving company vehicle:

-        Serve as store representative.

-        Carry driver’s license at ALL times.

-        Observe all laws.

-        Keep vehicles clean (interior and exterior).

-        Notify Delivery Manager of any scrapes, dents or accidents. 

-        Notify Delivery Manager of any mechanical difficulties.

·       Notify Delivery Manager if behind schedule, so customers may be contacted.

·       Instruct customers on equipment operation.

·       Start equipment and review safety features with customers.

·       Double check delivered items to make sure customers receive exactly what they ordered.

·       Add notes to contracts regarding any additional work performed at jobsites.

·       Stay in constant contact with Delivery Manager and Assistant.

·       Maintain and follow all instructions from Delivery Manager.

·       When picking up equipment if something is missing or broken, fill out the appropriate forms and obtain customer’s signature.

·       Properly maintain and track all paperwork.

·       Collect funds when needed.

·       Verify pick up ticket copies were delivered to Dock Supervisor, so counts then can be verified prior to unloading.

·       Perform a safety inspection/safety check on vehicles used each day. Report safety violations to Delivery Manager.

·       Complete the necessary paperwork for vehicle inspections and turn in to Delivery Manager daily.

·       Adhere to all company policies, procedures, rules and regulations in written or verbal form.

·       Comply with government safety requirements and other regulations and security in store.

·       Attend department, store and safety meetings.

·       Perform other duties as requested.



Position Tasks & Activities (tent specific):

·       Pull and load tent & related equipment with warehouse support:

1.     Receive order or load list.

2.     Decipher load list and pull necessary equipment for job.

3.     Make necessary adjustments in load list and check load list against order.

4.     Check equipment off list as it is loaded and load equipment on truck in proper order.

5.     Secure load for safety.

6.     Load tools & operation equipment.

·       Supervise and assist with the proper assembly of various tents per manufacturer, company, safety policy & procedures.

·       Oversee the maintaining of tent after installation and adjust per weather conditions.

·       Layout all components per specification and CAD diagram.

·       Inspect tent for proper assembly.

·       If applicable, install all other rented accessories per layout.

·       Inspect tent and accessories for damages before removing. 

·       Remove tent per manufacturer, company, safety policy & procedures.

·       Repair minor tears, etc. on-site or tag for repair.



Nature of the Work:

Will load and unload vehicles/trucks and deliver equipment and/or tents in full or partial loads working with Delivery Manager and Crew Members. The work is typically very physical and demanding, both from strength requirements and the stamina required. Must service customers in a polite, friendly and professional manner. 


Working Conditions:          

May be exposed to the general range of weather experienced in the area, with the exception of several hours in the warehouse loading or unloading and drive time. Some work areas may not be heated or air conditioned.  May have exposure to chemicals, including but not limited to gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, kerosene and cleaning solvents.  Propane is an obvious hazard; hence a sense of smell is required.  Some electrical equipment is delivered, although it is not a requirement to install or service the equipment. Stooping, crouching, bending, lifting, lowering, reaching, twisting, pulling, pushing, carting and carrying are intermittent tasks that routinely occur.


Education, Skills & Requirements:

·       MUST, MUST, MUST, be able to count accurately.

·       High school diploma or equivalent GED.

·       Must be able to lift approximately 70 lbs. 

·       Must maintain a professional personal appearance and adhere to company attire policy.

·       Must possess customer relation skills.

·       Must maintain a valid driver’s license.

·       Must be familiar with local roads and be able to program a G.P.S.

·       Must be able to use mathematics to solve problems.

·       Computer knowledge is preferred.  Training on rental software will be provided.

·       Must be able to speak English clearly and write legibly. The ability to speak other languages is a plus.

·       Must submit to company drug screen if injured at work.

·       Must maintain an acceptable attendance record.

·       Must have a full range of motion and dexterity.

·       Must be able to provide, understand and complete instructions furnished in written, oral or scheduled form.

·       Maintain a cooperative working relationship with co-workers.

·       Must be able to maintain a high degree of patience.

·        Must notify Delivery Manager of tardiness or absence from crew members or self.

·       Must have the ability to teach and train.

·       Must be able to manage a crew of up to 12.

·       Must be able to handle significant amounts of stress.

·       Must have some degree of financial aptitude.


Reports to:     Delivery Manager


Please apply in person at 5225 Springboro Pike, West Carrollton, OH 45439
Prime Time Party Rental
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Interviewing Manager(s): Dave Sercu
E-mail: dsercu@primetimepartyrental.com
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This company is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis including, but not limited to: veteran status, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability and/or age.